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Slashing the Cost of Running a Car

left side of a convertible

Running a car today is a huge cost, and a big part of that cost is your fuel bill. Although buying the cheapest gasoline or diesel is the quickest way to slash your fuel bill, there are certain things you can do to slash the cost of running a car …

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Top Ten Factors That Keep Your Insurance High

lady car owner

You may not understand why insurance rates go up. What insurers typically do is look at statistical information and other data to determine the likelihood that specific categories of insured persons will make a claim, and then impose higher rates on those with greater perceived risk factors. Understanding these risk …

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Are You a High Risk Driver?

Hand putting coin to money staircase

If you’re considered a high-risk driver, you may find it a little more challenging to get cover. Some insurance companies will flat out deny coverage, while others will simply charge higher premiums than those in the standard tier. No matter who you go with, chances are you’ll likely have to …

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